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Welcome to the TRU Learning Community and changing the trajectory of your life through TRUly living.

You have made an incredible decision to improve your life and to participate in a TRU challenge(s) 21 day, 30 day, 90 Day or yearly) A downloadable journal was created to support your journey. It is set up for a full year so that you are able to conquer additional challenges as you feel ready.
The TRU challenge can be done individually on your own, virtually with the TRU Learning Community or a combination of both Our virtual program is a daily dose of encouragement, gratitude, motivation, accountability and rewards.

Join us each morning throughout the challenge and get charged. We hold a quick 6 minute morning virtual meetup (that is taped) that will inspire you and guide you through completing your personal daily journal commitment page.

May your challenge bring you the success that you deserve and take you places that you have always dreamed you wanted to be.

Let‘s do this!

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