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Our Most Popular Courses

included with TRU package

Goal Writing

Learn how to write goals for a change right now. (pre-req for joining a challenge)

included with TRU package

Create Your One Word for Right Now

Determine your one word for right now. (pre-req for joining a challenge)

included with TRU package

TRU challenge

Ready to make the incredible decision to improve your life and to participate in a TRU challenge(s) 21 day, 30 day, 90 Day or yearly).

included with TRU package

Yoga WOTD – Action

Word of the day - Action

included with TRU package
Yoga Balance

Yoga WOTD – Balance

Word of the Day - Balance

included with TRU package

Embrace Your Space

Embrace your space through the surprising power of the small change.

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Training is a fast-paced, content driven industry. In response to the changing work and life environment TRU LEARNING will continue to offer products and services that are cutting edge and market relevant. Strategic planning and content development is our main focus.

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By offering original and relevant content that anyone can access at any time.

To never stop dreaming and developing content, always staying ahead of the curve.

To utilize technology to present our content in the most engaging and futuristic way.